Soup etiquette

When I told a fan that I will be writing a post on how to eat soup, she was very happy. ‘I eat a lot of soup,’ she said.

So, here is my post on how to eat soup, complete with photos from my Wagamama Ramen lunch.


For something so commonplace and requiring just a spoon, there are a host of rules on eating soup.

1. Soup that is too hot must be allowed to cool by itself. Avoid blowing on it or ‘scoop and dropping’ it back into the bowl.

soupspoon2. Spoon the soup away from you. (See evidence on the left.) It is also practical to ‘clean’ the underside of the spoon against the inside of the bowl to prevent drips. Do so silently.

3. Soup may NOT be slurped. Tip it into one’s awaiting mouth via the side of the spoon. It is not necessary to place the entire spoon in one’s mouth.

4. If the soup happens to be so good that you just have to have every last drop, tip the bowl away from your body.

All these guidelines are actually very practical, minimising soup spillage on your person.


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