Pooh’s Little Etiquette Book

DSC05974What can our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood teach us about etiquette?

Pooh is an etiquette expert! He knows the difference between A Proper Tea (which is what you get at Owl’s house) and a Very Nearly Tea (one that you forget about afterward).

This whimsical little book teaches the less versed in the right way of doing things. It covers topics ranging from conversation to eating to visiting. The book offers advice with wry humour followed by a brief excerpt from one of the Winnie-the-Pooh books.

DSC05975For instance, did you know that it isn’t polite to ask for a bit of bread and honey, but it is perfectly acceptable to look wistfully in the direction of the cupboard?

One of my favourite passages goes:

When your guests prepare to leave, act sorry to see them go. But if it seems as though they may never leave, a subtle nudge is appropriate.

“Must you?” said Rabbit politely.

“Well,” said Pooh, “I could stay a little longer if it—if you—“ and he tries very hard to look in the direction of the larder.

“As a matter of fact,” said Rabbit, “I was going out myself directly.”

What finesse!



2 thoughts on “Pooh’s Little Etiquette Book

  1. adambourke

    This isn’t so much comment on Pooh’s etiquette, but on the example you gave at the end. It’s a good example of how to get an unwanted guest to leave – but I was wondering what should you say/do if you want to leave, but your host wants you to stay longer?

    1. etiquettebutterfly Post author

      Hello adambourke. Thank you for your question. If you want a guest to stay longer, say something like, ‘Please don’t go just now, we have yet to serve the profiteroles,’ or ‘Stay a bit longer; we’re having such fun.’ Avoid vague statements such as, ‘Are you sure? Because you can stay longer if you want.’ That last offer is almost guaranteed to be declined.


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