Rescinding invitations: disinviting guests

Keep Calm Studio

Fans of the series Made in Chelsea would recall a recent episode where Alex invited Binky and Fran to a dinner party. Only to withdraw Fran’s invitation because he wanted to have a dinner-date with Binky.

Fran was unceremoniously disinvited via text the morning of the party with Alex fibbing a ‘rugby injury’. The lovely Fran was left in tears.

Had Alex followed the rules of decorum, Fran’s feelings could’ve been spared, and he would still have his date with BInky.

1. It is impolite to issue invitations in the presence of those not invited.

2. If unforeseen things happen that would warrant an invitation to be rescinded, do it in person or failing that, at least a phone call. A text message lacks the tact and compassion the situation requires.

3. A reason does not need to be given instantly. A simple ‘I’m sorry, but I have to reschedule the dinner.’ would suffice.

4. If the person asks for a reason, tell the truth. People appreciate being told the truth, and in time, would come to understand.


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